Frequently Asked Questions

How much hair gel in each packet?

In each packet their containers 3 grams of hair gel.  We have ensured that is the right amount for most types of hair.  More than 1 packet may be needed on some hair types.


Will the packets fit in my pockets?

YES! They are designed to fit perfectly in your jeans front pockets or any pockets that size.  We don't recommend putting them in your back pocket though if you enjoy sitting. 


What kind of hair gel is it?

The hair gel in our instant hair gel is a water based alcohol free hair gel.  Ingredients


I have long hair, will this help me?

Of course this will, but you may have to use more than one packet of PocketGel.  The hair gel is made to keep and style your hair at any length.  To  fixing your hair due to bad weather to fixing your hair at the gym or anytime at all really.


Are there any discounts available? 

YES! Email us



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