(Besides Saving the Earth from Plastic Waste)

PocketGel Travel Weather

Travelers... The TSA only lets you carry 3.4 ounces of liquid per item, but who really knows the exact amount in their containers?

PocketGel will worry about that for you with our on the go hair gel solutions!

Bad Weather...  All who hate bad weather, give that middle finger to that tornado and laugh! 

Always be relaxed in knowing not even bad weather can slow you or your hair down!

Dates?  You want that second date, right? 

Easy, with a head of hair that looks like it was styled by the Greek god Aphrodite’s herself.

Reasons pics1.jpg

Gym Goers rejoice! Now never forget your hair gel at home again! 

No more of those awkward moments of walking around after a hard workout with just wet hair.  Just throw a PocketGel or two into your gym bag and you'll be ready to go!  

PocketGel Job

Job Interviews can be easy when your hair looks as breathtaking as your resume when you use PocketGel before it! 

The interviewer will most definitely hire you based on the look of those lovely locks you styled so perfectly! (your results may vary) However, we do believe that your hair will look flawless when using PocketGel.