Our Story

Just moments before I was about to leave my rental house to meet my family at a German Pub the wind and rain came suddenly!  Of course I knew that the gel in my hair would be ruined by the time I got there, so what was the point? After a quick conversation with my roommate I told him, "I wish I could just take a little amount of gel with me to style my hair once I arrived at there".  You could say that was the "eureka" moment!  The next day I made the first prototype out of hair gel and aluminum foil.      


"Styling for you one packet at a time."-2016

"We envision our future of convenience with excellent environmental standards."-2017

-Nathan Failla Founder of PocketGel

Since that very first PocketGel prototype as seen on the left, portable hair gel has evolved into a worthy product. PocketGel, in partly thanks to Duquesne's Entrepreneurial program, has grown into a true product and company.  Due to ever changing hair styles we believe that your hair should be protected from all seen and unseen circumstances.  The value we believe PocketGel excels in is giving a person more control over their appearance!  Why not try it out for yourself? Shop here!

More convenient and easy to use products coming in 2017!



We believe that convenient choices to living your life makes your life better and easier.  PocketGel is our solution to ensure you look your best everywhere without you wasting any product! 


Our Mission

To give you convenience and portability in all your hair styling needs wherever you happen to be in the world.

Who we are

Envisioned in the year 2015 while adventuring to a German Pub, and founded in 2016, PocketGel is for people who want to look their sexiest at anyplace.  PocketGel Instant Hair Gel offers packets of hair gel that hold 3 grams of gel each and were tested to ensure that amount fits all your hair needs (more than a single packet may be necessary for certain hair types and styles).  More styles and amounts are available currently only to retailers and new vendors to ensure everyones hair needs are met!