TSA Compliant

Travelers.  The TSA only lets you carry 3.4 ounces of liquid per item. Do not be one of the countless business professionals or vacation travelers whose hair styling products  have been taken by the TSA.

PocketGel packets are perfect for you to take while traveling for business or personal or any reason. 


locker room ready

Gym Goers rejoice! Now never forget your hair styling product at home again.

No more of those awkward moments of walking around after a hard workout with hair not styled.  Just throw  a packet of  PocketGel or two into your gym bag and you'll be ready to go!


other hair styling needs

Bad Weather.   Always be relaxed in knowing not even bad weather can slow you or your hair down again.

Job Interviews will be easier when your hair looks as breathtaking as your resume when you use style your hair with PocketGel.

Dates.  You want that second date, right? 

Easy, with a head of hair that looks like it was styled by the Greek god Aphrodite’s herself.

Sharing.  Forever be known as the one with the best styled hair in the group.  Share your packets with your friends who need their hair styled the most.