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Our Story

The rain came just moments before I was leaving my house to meet my family for dinner. I knew the gel I had just put in my hair would be washed out by the time I arrived to the pub. So what’s the point of styling it? After a quick conversation with my roommate about this issue, I told him “I wish I could just take a little amount of gel with me to style my hair once I got there.” That was the eureka moment! The next day I made the first prototype of Pocketgel (pictured below) out of aluminum foil and hair gel.  

We serve your hair.

-Style your hair anywhere you need to.

-TSA Compliant

- Take PocketGel with you when you are business traveling, causal traveling, in the locker room, and more.


Since the first prototype of Pocketgel was made, portable gel had truly evolved. Pocketgel has grown, now having different hair styling products for you to use. We at Pocketgel believe that your hair should be protected from all seen or unseen circumstances. The value Pocketgel excels in, is giving a person more control over their appearance at all times. Especially the moments that matter most to you! Why not try it for yourself? Click below to see our products!

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Who we are

Envisioned in the year 2015 while adventuring to a German Pub in a rainstorm and founded in 2016, PocketGel is for people who want to look their Best all the time.  Three different hair styling products that give you options to fit most hair types and styles.